Serious body pains help please?

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i am a 15 year old male and i am having occasional pains in my elbows that hurt pretty bad and i get frequent pains in my knees right on and above the top of the knee caps. i told my dad and he said that joint pains can be serious but thats all he did really and my mom said she thinks it is another growth spurt..i already am 6 foot 1 and 150 lbs. if i grow anymore i think ill look lik a freak or something but i guess its better to be tall then short...also if anyone can help me with this problem..just about every step i take my ankles make loud cracks and my knees crack alot that just because my long legs are supporting my tall (and still growing) structure?




  1. start smoking weed. it helps [=

    no just kidding

    go back to your doctor and tell her the pain hasnt gone away. she might prescribe physical therapy or something

  2. Your mother may be right. At your age there still can be some growing pain in your limbs. It comes and goes like you say and if it's very painful take a mild painkiller.

  3. your going though puberty and getting tall and longer get used to it  

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