How can I get a bigger p***s?

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How can I get a bigger p***s?




  1. they have pills and men  toys that will help you. go to a s*x supply store and get pills and a pump. the pump goes over the head of ur p***s and it pulls it up little by little and its works. i got 2 more inches   good luck u will be alittle sore at first

  2. How big you will get depends on testosterone levels. The higher the more it grows. For example. Boys with micropenia (very small p***s) are treated by putting testosterone cream on the p***s or by injections. Do not do this without a doctor. The best thing is to eat healthy. Fruit and veggies. Pumpkin seed and Pistachios as well as other things raise testosterone levels.

    Easy on the sweets. No smoking! How big you get pepends on how big your father and your mothers father is. That is the genetics that controls how high your testosterone level will get.

  3. they say eating alot of banana and wal nuts

    and also doing p***s push ups LMAO  i lied about the push ups but

    they do say bananas and walnuts work


  4. he tenido muchos novios y la verdad no me impota el tamaño de su miembro, es mas que nada moverse bien, no te preocupes por eso y solo disfruta el sexo y ten mucho sexo con condon claro porque te da sida jajaja y con el tiempo, la experiencia y la practica seguro crecera y te sentiras mas comodo contigo mismo, y el secreto mas grande es que no debes acomplajarte


    me gustaria verlo para darte una mejor opinion

  5. go to a g*y club

  6. look at some girl, It will grow automatically

  7. spray it with miracle gro twice daily.

  8. look at the Victorias Secret catalog.  

  9. Use a wrench and stretch it as hard as you can. Don't worry about the pain, that's only the muscle ripping and rebuilding itself.

    Trust me, this will work.

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