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Okay so I am uncircumsized

and i found these bumps around the extra skin

they wont go away

i dont have aids or ive nver had s*x before

what shuld i do?




  1. keep ur self extra clean, due to the fact you are not circumsized and i assume you arre a grown man.  make sure you get under the flaps of skin. you will be okay

  2. If they are on the outside they are probably just sebaceous (oil) glands as in this question.;...

    If they are inside the f******n they can be Fordyce's spots, harmless oil deposits under the skin. If they are round the rim of the glans (head) they are probably Pearly Penile Papules.

    All of these things are harmless and normal. Don't worry about them.

  3. I don't think circumcised is the answer... but see a doctor to see what can be done

  4. i got them

  5. Go get circumcised. You will have problems the rest of your life. Is your skin worth it.

  6. It's normal.  Most people get them  while experiencing puberty.  Ever I have them.

  7. get circumsized  

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