Babysitting my little cousins...?

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This is the first time I'm baby sitting them.I'm 14, they're both boys,11 and 7. They are my cousins so they know me,they're typical boys. I'll be there for 3 full days!!! any ideas what I can do with them?




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    When i was 16,i had to babysit my newly adopted 14 year old neice several times.My aunt and uncle had her in cloth diapers and plastic pants 24/7 due to her wetting accidents,so i had to do diaper changes on her every so often.At bedtime i had to put extra cloth diapers on her with larger size plastic pants over them and it was just like i was getting a baby ready for bed.She wore the diapers and plastic pants untill she was past 16. 

  2.  im babysitting my sister have any advice

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