White pebble inside f******n of p***s?

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I have a little pebble under the skin of my p***s. It looks kind of like a grain of rice, and is hard. I had this about 2 years ago, and its poked out of the skin, as the tip was sharp.. a little painful. Now I am noticing another small one again, in the same area. Does anyone know what this might be?




  1. Once you are able to snatch the pebble from your p***s you will be a master!

  2. Cancer you have Gentialia Cancer, very rare get checked out. Or you might have severe problems maybe even loss of Penial area

  3. sounds like you need to see a doctor and soon.

  4. it could be a massive build up of smegma,which has happened to me once

  5. Please post pics or video footage..without this, we  cannot make a proper diagnosis. Good luck!

  6. Could be venereal warts, sometimes caused by the HPV virus.  I would take it to the doctor.  Venereal warts are contagious.  You don't want to give this to someone you care about.

  7. Sounds like you need to stop masturbating with handfulls of Uncle Ben's...

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