Please help Im in serious pain. ?

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The hotel I work at just reopened and we cant use the stool anymore. So now I am standing for 8 hours and my feet are killing me.

They hurt so bad sometimes when I get off work. The other day my feet had a throbbing pain for a couple hours after I got off. When I had first gotten off I could hardly walk too. That day however it was worse because I had basically worked two 8 hour shifts real close together.

Does anyone know what I can do to make my feet feel better?

Not only do they hurt but itching also accompanies the pain sometimes too.

Suggestions anyone? =(




  1. ask dr for endone, say nothing else has worked including panadeine forte.

  2. I have always worked for hotels, and trust me I have done my fair share of standing. Every hotel I have ever worked at never allowed us to use any sort of stool or chair.

    First things first what kind of shoes are you wearing? If you are wearing heels...lose them.  Poorly fitting shoes or shoes that don't offer the right support are the number one cause for foot pain. Wear flat shoes with good support and buy some insoles. I never used to like flats but now I swear by them, and luckily flats seem to be in style.

    Second, ask your management if they were planning on getting floor mats. It may not seem like much but some rubber floor mats really help cushion your feet.

    For the pain soak your feet in warm water and massage carefully. The itching my come from the type of socks or nylons you are wearing. Feet tend to sweat more if you stand all day so make sure you are wearing socks that can breathe, and never go bare foot.

    Trust me give it time and your feet will get used to it.  

  3. My first suggestion is to take a light painkiller (like Advil or Tylenol) before your eight our shifts.  My next suggestion is to get shoes that have extremely comfortable arch supports.

  4. Soak your feet in a warm bath with Epsom Salts for a few minutes, then follow up massaging them.

    It would be a good idea to get some really comfortable shoes and get some insoles for feet pain. Ask a pharmacist which insoles are best.

    When you are on a break, take your shoes off and kick up your feet.  

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