I need help with puberty what happens during?

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i'm ten and i'm in the 2nd or 3rd stage what should i do?




  1. are you sure you are in the 2nd or 3rd stage of puberty, the 2nd stage shouldn't happen until you are about 12 or 13 and the third shouldn't happen until you are about 13 or 14.

    and relax puberty is nothing to be afraid of, it is a good part of growing up.

    these are the 5 stages of puberty:

    Normal Age Range: 9-12, Average: about 10

    Male hormones are becoming active, but there are hardly, if any, outside signs of development. Testicles are maturing, and some boys start a period of rapid growth late in this stage.

    2 Normal Age Range: 9-15, Average: 12-13

    Testicles and s*****m begin to enlarge, but p***s size doesn't increase much. Very little, if any, pubic hair at the base of the p***s. Increase in height and change in body shape.

    3 Normal Age Range: 11-16, Average: 13-14

    p***s starts to grow in length, but not much in width. Testicles and s*****m still growing. Pubic hair starts to get darker and coarser and is spreading towards the legs. Height growth continues and body/face shape look more adult. Voice begins to deepen (and crack). Some hair around the a**s grows.

    4 Normal Age Range: 11-17, Average: 14-15

    p***s width increases, as well as length. Testicles and s*****m still growing. Pubic hair begins to take adult texture, although covers a smaller area. Most boys have first ejaculations. Underarm hair develops. Facial hair increases on chin and upper lip. Voice gets deeper and skin gets more oily.

    5 Normal Age Range: 14-18, Average: around 16

    Nearing full adult height and physique. Pubic hair and genitals have adult appearance. Facial hair grows more completely and shaving may begin now or soon.

    During the late teens and early twenties, some men grow a bit more and develop more body hair, especially chest hair.

  2. watch your self becoming a man ;)

    its nothing bad every one goes through it in live  

  3. Nothing, Your fine.

    How big you will get depends on testosterone levels. The higher the more it grows. For example. Boys with micropenia (very small p***s) are treated by putting testosterone cream on the p***s or by injections. Do not do this without a doctor. The best thing is to eat healthy. Fruit and veggies. Pumpkin seed and Pistachios as well as other things raise testosterone levels.

    Easy on the sweets. No smoking! How big you get pepends on how big your father and your mothers father is. That is the genetics that controls how high your testosterone level will get.

  4. bueno durante esta etapa suele haber muchos cambios tanto fisicos como psicologicos, te sentiras confundido, frustrado, enojado, demasiado feliz etc etc habra muchs cambios emocionales

    te empezaran a gustar mas las chicas a menos que seas homosexual en ese caso los varones, el caso es que habra tension sexual, pensaran en sexo sexo y mas sexo talvez como a los 16 te tiraras a muchas muchachitas, considerando que eres heterosexual, si no usas condon puedes contraer sida, sifilis, gonorrea, es asqueroso.

    posiblemente conoceras el amor, estaras muy enamorado, luego sentiras que vuelas y es muy posible tambien que te rompan el corazon pero no hay problema acostumbrate pues no sera la ultima vez...

    en fin es una etapa muy bonita disfrutala, siente seguro de que vales mucho como persona y da mucho amor

    y el sexo es lo mejor solo no te presiones y siempre se responsable

  5. Don;t worry things will happen naturally. I was once in your shoes.

    You can e-mail me with any question or anything. I am 14


  6. Feels good man.

  7. E-mail me and we will talk about it.  I'm 14 so I'm still going through it. I also thought that you learned this at school.

  8. Well, nothing bad is going to happen. You will just mature, your voice will get deeper, p***s bigger/harrier. Etc.. Basically just let it do its thing and enjoy it.

  9. This site has pretty good time-line of what you can expect:

    However your body grows, just take care of it. Eat healthy foods and exercise.

    Remember, every guy develops differently.

  10. Just relax, dude, and let things happen.  There's more to come; but it's nothing to be scared of or surprised at.  You'll do fine.


  12. eb happy stress..chill and enjoy

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