I have serious pain, could someone help?

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ok, so lately i've been having a lot of pain in my back, like in my back and in the back of my ribcage,maybe in it and i've tried popping it, a massage from my sister, medicine, but they all didnt work.

should i see a doctor or a chiropractor?

if someone could please help, im desperate, ill take anything.






  1. If you are in pain then it's an indicator that you need to see a doctor.

  2. Definitely see your doctor. He will help you find out exactly what's wrong, and exactly how to fix it.

  3. Try a professional massage.  Talk to your doctor about physical therapy to help reduce the back strain.  In the meantime, take some ibuprofen to help with the pain. Heating pad or hot bath may also loosen up things and help.

  4. It's sounds very much like you might have pleurisy.  If you do have pleurisy you would need to take an antibiotic for it.  It is an infection in the lining of your lung.  It sounds more serious than it really is.  I'm an overall healthy person, and I have had pleurisy twice.  It is very painful.  Google pleurisy and see if your symptoms are the same.  Your doctor can go by your symptoms or verify with an x-ray.  The pain can be felt in all or either areas....back, chest, rib, shoulder, side.

    If you have some baking soda at home drink a 1/4 teaspoon baking soda in a half cup of water to rule out indigestion.  He will also give you a pain pill, but for now take ibuprofen.

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