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Hi, I need some help with a class presentation I am doing. I have to prepare a detailed explanation of Modifications for students with special needs in regular education classes in Language Arts. So, I need a detailed ELA modification plan. Any website suggestions or anything at all??? ive hit a brick wall!




  1. Do you have an email address I can send links to or would you like me to post links here? ;)



  2. Here is a website that has a lot of information. Also, put the word "inclusion" and "modifications" in your search engine.

    You are going to need to choose a particular disability to be effective in your presentation. The needs of a child with Specific Learning Disability will require very different modifications than a child with Emotional Disturbance or mild mental retardation.

    If you choose a an SLD student, I suggest you do some reading on the types of learning disabilities and the way to modify the instruction for each. Here is a good website for getting started.

    Generally speaking, there are several areas of need that are experienced by most students with disabilities. Here are some that seem to always occur:

    *Inability to attend to lengthy verbal discussions. For this, you need to provide a graphic organizer of the lecture so that the student can follow along.

    *Inability to follow lengthy verbal instructions. Special ed kids seem to always have trouble changing gears and materials, especially when the command is given quickly. Often they are a step behind and then get confused by instruction. I often use a series of visual prompts for changing materials and I also practice with the student outside of class so that changing materials becomes more automatic.

    *Inability to write lengthy passages. Frequently writing is tiring for children with learning disabilities. They can't stay organized in the writing itself and become frustrated. In addition, if they have a visual motor integration deficit, just the writing in and of itself is tiring. I would do two things. First, cut down the length of the writing  assignment. Second, provide a graphic organizer for organizing the writing before the child attempts to put things in paragraph form. You can find many such organizers on the 'Net.

    As I have said before, the type of disability really drives the modifications. I can be much more specific if I know what kind of disability you are working with.

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