What helps cramps?please HELP!pain!?

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please HELP!

im am in sooo much pain and would really apreiate it if i got feels like somthings eating my stomatch




  1. hot water bottle comfy pjs chocolate a cup of tea a blanket and  a hot water bottle

  2. Bananas are supposed to help cramps. Eat a banana.

  3. Heat pad

    alcoholic beverages


    back massager to the low back

    hot or warm bath

  4. Well, different things for different girls. Tylenol and Midol work perfect on some people. Some people, it does nothing for them. Those two don't do anything for me. I use motrin and it works great.

  5. H.E.A.T!!! It's a life saver!! Thermacare makes some esp. for those kind of cramps. Or even a hot bath works. Hope you get to feeling better!

  6. Hannah

    Take a hot water bottle to your tummy for 5 minutes while laying on your side with your knees bent... then on your back for 5 minutes. As well, eat a banana... they help with cramps.

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