When does a mans p***s stop growning?

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When does a mans p***s stop growning?




  1. The major growth stops at the end of puberty, which is around 16. However there can sometimes be another 1/8 inch of growth after.

  2. What are you talking about???? I'm waiting on my husbands to start growing. lol  Don't tell him I said that!!! = }

  3. A Mans p***s stops growing 5 years after he enters into puberty so there is no set age since everyone starts puberty at a different age.

  4. The p***s stops growing around 18-20 years old. The regular is about 6 inches.

  5. By around age 16.  It usually stops growing before the guy finishes growing in height.

  6. after he has his o****m

  7. around 18

  8. 18 or so.

    How big you will get depends on testosterone levels. The higher the more it grows. For example. Boys with micropenia (very small p***s) are treated by putting testosterone cream on the p***s or by injections. Do not do this without a doctor. The best thing is to eat healthy. Fruit and veggies. Pumpkin seed and Pistachios as well as other things raise testosterone levels.

    Easy on the sweets. No smoking! How big you get pepends on how big your father and your mothers father is. That is the genetics that controls how high your testosterone level will get.

  9. 21. but why do you care ? your not a guy !

  10. A guys p***s stops growing anywhere from 18 to 22 years of age ....

  11. when he's around 20 y/o

  12. about 18 he becomes a man and it usually is the size it will stay but dont worry i am sure you are fine  

  13. Actually, it's closer to 16.

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