I use the bathroom alot!!!?

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i am a guy and i dont know if its a kidney infection, but what happens is i feel like i need to go CONSTANTLY and when i do go (about 25 times a day, no joke) i just twinkle a little bit. it burns a little, i have no fever, my back aches. please help me..




  1. There may be different reasons for your problem:

    a urinary infection,

    an infection by STD,


    a bladder infection.

    Go to a urologist for advice, test and treatment.  

  2. You need to go and see your doctor and take a urine sample with you. It sounds like an infection and is probably quite easy to cure. Good Luck

  3. Been there, done that; saw the urologist.

    My issues were an enlarged prostate and a tumor in my bladder. Both fixed in surgery.

    1st thing you do is see a urologist.

    2nd thing is consider your diet and habits; if you smoke , quit.  Nicotine will boost your 'urgency' when it comes to having to pee.

    Hot spices like chile peppers and jalapenos contribute to making you pee more often.

    Coffee, tea, Red Bull or any thing with caffeine will aggravate your bladder, give that stuff up.

    Booze will also wreak havoc with your bladder.

    I know that losing the habits make life sound like it will get boring but you need to find a balance in there.

    The doctor may  give you meds, may recommend surgery. After the surgery my trips to the can decreased by 15 a day.

    See the doctor soon!

    Good luck.  

  4. What you're describing it sounds like you have an enlarged prostate. And you should go to the doctor for medication.

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