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Along with my exercise regimen, im considering doing body wraps I wanted to know if there were any ladies out there who had lost a nice amount of weight from doing these.....I drink ALOT of water and i know that essential. R these a good investment over time or just a waste of time.....Id like to read every ones answers but really would love to read the answers of those of u who have used them with good results, i've heard that its something u have to keep doing over time......I look forward to your answers




  1. They are a temporary fix. The inch loss is mostly water that is squeezed out of your cells. It generally takes 3-5 wraps to see a noticeable difference. When you stop doing the wraps, the inches come back. Wraps will not make you loose pounds permanently.  Most ppl use wraps right before a special occasion or vacation just for a temporary better appearance.  I have used them in the past and was happy with the result...but you have to have realistic expectations and understand that it is not permanent. Anyone who tells you it will be is not well educated on the process and only after your money.  

  2. they only result in the temporary loss of water from fat cells.  it has no effect on reducing the level of body fat.  it's physiologically impossible to spot reduce body fat stores, human biology does not function in such a manner.  they are a waste of money unless you are just looking for a temporary fix for an event, etc.

  3. Yes, it really works... but you DO have to keep doing it.  My friend (she's got more money than most people) gets them three times a week.  It's not something you can do a couple times for magical results.

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