Condom wont fit what should I do?

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When ever I have s*x and I put a condom on it always is tight around my shaft, Ive tried every kind there is and all are too tight. It makes intercourse alot less enjoyable what should I do? Anyone know of a brand I could use? Or alternative options? Thanks




  1. try buying the next size up.

    tight is good - at least it wont slip of right b4 ur abour to blow

  2. Sew two XL's together...that would work perfectly. Or make your own with a custom fit pattern.

  3. there are several companies that make size large, xl and even xxl condoms. You can purchase them at any s*x shop.

  4. Trojan Magnums xl or durex xxl

  5. "When ever I have s*x and I put a condom on it always is tight around my shaft, Ive tried every kind there is and all are too tight."

    Sorry but I find that hard to believe. Are you telling me you have tried XL and XXL and it still won't fit?

    You should see a doctor if that's true, there must be a dog or a cat stuck inside your p***s.

  6. Jil's right, you should totally sew your own. I'm pretty sure she's got some pattern books available-- Comfy Penile Cozy Condoms comes to mind but that could be wrong. You'll have to ask her the title.

  7. use hefty bag..... herfty hefty hefty  

  8. hey, buy kiddie ballons! they will fit on a pencil!

  9. its supposed to tight!

  10. ok theres a simple solution.... A KNIFE chop some of it off and walla.. there ya have it... (or dnt in ur case)  


    Grape jelly.. NOT STRAWBERRY!!! But grape.. always does the trick!!!

  11. Meh, you could also use a ziplock baggy, but I would not recommend it (PS this is for last resort lol).

  12. What are you using the condom for?  

    If it's for STDs, then Trojan makes and XL ;).  BTW, there's no such thing as a condom that doesn't fit.  Even if it's a little tight, it's latex and WILL stretch.

    If you are monogamous and are using it for birth control, there are several things that the woman can do/use to avoid pregnancy.  Some are over the counter, such as diaphragms, spermicidal foam, etc.  Others, such as pills, are by prescription.

  13. I have this same experience,  it's hard and I feel sorry for you because it's a hard life out there for us with huge penises.  Or at least me,  I can't even hardly walk around my house when I'm hard because everything gets in the way.  So but in any event the best thing to use is one of those huge steel rein enforced hefty bags.  And the best thing is they already have the premade handles made into it so you can tie the thing right up after you pull it off your p***s.  I usually have to get help to pull it off those because my arms are not that long.

  14. stop tryin to wear a clown baloon

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