How do I know if I'm uncircumsized?

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My mom never told me if I was circumsized. How do I know myself without asking my mom?





  1. If you have a f******n, then you have not been circumcised. If you do not have a f******n, then you have been circumcised.

    The f******n is a retractable fold of skin found on the head of a male's p***s. Think of it like a turtleneck shirt for your p***s, basically.

  2. Dude,..... the head of your p***s, d**k, manhood, dong, bologna, salami, what ever you call it, will be covered up with a slide back piece of cylindrical skin, if you're not circumcised, or as you say uncircumsized. Your p***s will also be more sensitive if your not circumcised. Ta da...........

  3. eeekk! I'll just pretend i didn't see this question and move along.

    ok ..fine...if it looks like a sausage w/a wrapper on it then you haven't been snipped.

  4. if it looks like an acorn,you are snipped!

  5. is there skin around the head of your p***s? if there is no and can you pull it back?

  6. if you have f******n covering the tip of your p***s you haven't been circumcised, LOL

  7. if you have skin covering your p***s head... you are uncircumcised

  8. Well, you usually see the top of the d**k (head) when not erect if you were circumsized. If you were uncircumsized, the skin would go over the head when your not hard...

  9. The f******n is a sleeve of skin, which is moveable and a part of the penile shave skin, it normally covers the glans, or head of the p***s, and can be pulled back, to expose the glans.

    A circumcised p***s has had this skin removed, and it usually very obvious, as there is a ring of scar tissue around the shaft of the p***s anywhere from below the glans to halfway down the shaft of the p***s.

    Circumcision isn't an exact procedure, so they remove just about all of the shaft skin sometimes, the scars can be just about anywhere on the p***s.    

  10. do you have skin covering the top of your p***s if so you are uncircumcised if you do not have skin covering the tip then you are uncircumcised

  11. If you have a lot of fore skin over you p***s you probally havent been,if you can see the head of you p***s really well then you probally have been,

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