Do guys like l*****g girls?

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would you guys like to l**k your girl down there? how do you guys feel about doing that? and how does it feel when the girl does the same thing for you?




  1. That's not a problem at all. I would always want to make my girl feel as good as she possibly can.

  2. ive never licked a girl down there on her feet, But half way is awesome. And the same thing for me only different is awesome too its better if she doesn't l**k but sucks.

  3. I wouldn't l**k a girl.  I'd go to jail for it.  But a WOMAN, now that's an entirely different story.

    First time I pleasured my lady orally (1962), I was 15, she was 14.  She had read a steamy book called CANDY and showed me the part where this guy went down on Candy.  I was hooked....and so was she!She taught me a lot about pleasuring a lady orally.  I've never had any complaints since.

  4. I love to give girls oral s*x. I love it when they sit on my face or lay back on the bed and I stick my head in between their legs and do it, that way I can look at their body and facial expressions. I'm getting a ***** just thinking about it. And of course I love to recieve, what kind of question is that.

  5. i wudnt ew i like her 2 like me thoguh

  6. that's like one thing i would love to do, if a girl (hot) asked me to do that i would be like h**l YEAH) and if she wanted to l**k me to then i would be like fine then

  7. i love eating a girl out, actually it's my favorite thing to do, i can never get enough and can do that all day long.

    i love having a girl return the favor, the girls i've been with just seem to love it as much as i do

  8. i dont like to do that but sure enough for a girl to do it

  9. h**l F***ing yeah, reciprocity is always welcome.

  10. id love to try it but unfortunately i never had the chance to :(

    ive always wondered what itd taste like and would she like it.

    id feel very proud of myself if a girl let me do it to her but i would feel kindda dirty if a girl done it to me, dont ask why.

  11. you mean like eating out?

    my boyfriend loves doing that. i've asked him why and he just says "i dont know, i just like it"

  12. Dude first grow some balls. s*x is all about YOUR satisfaction, the B1tches satisfaction doesnt matter whatsoever. If she really wants it then all i have to say is "back to the kitchen *****"

  13. I like doing it (Y) but I only like doing it to my girlfriend. When I've done it to people in the past I haven't been goin out with its not nice..

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