Get a yeast infection while wearing a condom?

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about 2 weeks ago my gf's friend asked her to go to the doctors with her cuz she thought she might have an std. So my gf decided she might as well get checked while she was there even tho she was almost positive she was clean. Yesterday (2 weeks after being checked) she got a call saying she didn't have any std's but she does have a yeast infection... we've been having s*x about 3 times a week since then, always with a condom... is there any chance she passed her yeast infection on to me and should we stop having s*x until she is completely healed?




  1. Yeast is a fungus.  I know that makes it sound gross, but it's nothing for you to worry about.  It cannot be passed to you while your using a condom.  Even if you don't use a condom, it is highly unlikely for you to get a yeast infection (although not impossible).

  2. im not sure yet but i think its safe as long as u use a condom

  3. Get her yeast infection cured .It is  a minor issue. You may find ebook for cure known as--Cure Your Yeast Infection In Only 12 Hours  . You will find this book in women health section at the following website--

  4. nothing is 100% safe.

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