Rash during masturbation?

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When I m********e, my upper torso gets red witha weird "poison ivy-looking" rash. It stretches from my shoulders down to my nipples and also appears on my butt and thighs. What is this and how can I get it to go away?




  1. It could also be because of the fact your doing something thats increasing your body temperature, defo nothing to worry i don't reckon anyway

  2. Well,you have hives. Normally this appears when skin is agitated by something. They also vary in color.

  3. i get this during s*x, (i am a girl though and its pretty common for us, im not sure how much for guys) and its totally normal. I would imagine its the same for some guys, im not sure exactly what causes it but its something to do with being sexually excited (although not always sometimes i get it just normally excited!) and increased blood flow...  

  4. weird.....

  5. Its probally not a rash, just your body gettign red from the increased physical strain when masterbating

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