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it does not feel good to me when i just stroke my self i haft to have some kind of jell or i hump a pillow or evan the banana way but just plain stroking is not what i prefer is any one else like that




  1. yes, try some condoms there feel amazing, if you dont want to spend money try an old sock or a flesh light, but ya im the same way - that just means that your ready for women

  2. well its feels alright for me until im about to ***, heres a good fake v****a

    step 1- get a glove, (the ones doctors use) or they are called latex glves and buy them.

    Step 2- get a pringles can, empty it, and cut a hole through the bottom

    step 3, but the beginning of the glove arond the pringles ca and out from the other side pull the finger things through and tap it down and tada, theres your fake p***y

  3. maybe you have rough hands

  4. just f%ck somebody

  5. are you circumcised?  apparently for stroking, it&#039;s better if you are not

    what&#039;s the banana way?  do you put it up your ***?

    I quite like all of the above

  6. go to they have all kinds of idea and diff way to do it!

    yes i would assume a dry p***s being rubbed would not be great! they have some great idea

  7. I understand. there are days that a little lube goes a long way, but you need to find your satisfaction level

  8. I think you need to go to advanced masturbation for more site info

  9. get a fooking girl!


  10. LOL. yes, you have to find whatever will please you. keep trying new stuff, but be careful.

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