Why is masturbation spelled masturbation rather that masterbation?

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How do you explain the root of the word?




  1. ITs the latin translation for the word

  2. hahahah ... good question.

    The answer: It just is.

  3. The word masturbation is believed to derive from either the Greek word mezea (μεζεα, "penes") or the Latin manus ("hand") and the Latin turbare ("to disturb").[5] A competing etymology based on the Latin manu stuprare ("to defile with the hand") is said by the Oxford English Dictionary to be an "old conjecture". The esoteric and little-used synonym manustupration is similarly derived from manus stuprare.

  4. The same reason that 'reason' is spelled 'reason' and not 'reesen'. Words were invented a long time ago- their pronunciation changes over time and depending on localised accents.

    Most English words are spelt differently to the way they're proncounced.

  5. just enjoy doing rather than worry about the spelling

  6. because U feel great!

  7. if you do it enough, u could become the master...of bation

  8. I have absolutely no idea.  I just wish someone would explain how they managed to escape the censors with a character called Master Bates in the cartoon series Captain Pugwash!

    To make matters even worse, there was anothr character called Seaman Stains - for God's sake : -

  9. because "U" are doing it

  10. That is the way it is spelled in the dictionary!

  11. my gran use to say s*x was 90%imagination ...10% friction

  12. Jitterbug has got it spot on.

  13. Becuase its pronouned

    or and not er

  14. i guess they just wanted to spell it like that?

  15. Becouse it is a morphism of 'disturbed'...

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