Blood during masturbation?

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Hi I am 15yo and when I m********e more than 4 times a day, I ejaculate blood. Is this bad and do I need to goto the doctor? This only happens after 3 or 4 times. Please help...




  1. 2-3 times a day MAX

  2. eh.....

    perhaps you should stop jerking off so much?

  3. So you havent gotten some huh?

    Well you should slow down.. take it easy!!

  4. wow man thats fkd up

    i cant believe you had to ask if that was messed up dude

  5. then i suggest stop masturbating after the third time.

  6. Do it once then then after 2 days m********e.

    Don't m********e 4 times a day, your messing up your p***s.

  7. need to see a doctor

  8. umm ive never gotten blood and ive done it like 5 times in a day. id see the doctor. ive only heard of blood coming out when dudes have STD's

  9. Try to slow it down a bit  

  10. This is bad. Don;t m********e too much

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