What Type of Underwear should I wear for my Track and Field Events?

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What Type of Underwear should I wear for my Track and Field Events?

What Type of Underwear should I wear for my Track and Field Events?

I'm a Track champion and I want to do better and better.

So I heard that the type of underwear you wear can interfere with how fast you go. Which Type of Underwear is best. Also what brand? What type do you wear?

Also, I'm more of a long distance runner and a short distance runner.




  1. compression shorts or cycling trunks

  2. you want something that wont stick to your but and when you running your balls will swing back and forth so you want something to hold them in place. it may sound weird but a jock strap or a thong will help.

  3. well i would sayfor sure to wear a jock strap so they hold your goods in place  

  4. I'd suggest just wearing a jockstrap ....

    You could wear a jockstrap and then wear briefs over it .... don't believe it would interfer with your running and would hold everything in place.

    Good luck !

  5. boxer briefs

  6. Well if you want the abdolute best underwear for sports it would be going commando but if you dont want to, a jock strap does wonders too.

    Underwear really doesnt change your runnign at all though...

  7. "Track Champion"?  

    Anyway, first, whatever you feel most comfortable in is probably best.

    Based off of that though, what you're actually asking about is what allows freedom of movement, and yet has the least wind resistance.  (This works directly with your shorts to a larger degree thought).

    What you should first think about based off of that though is what you want your underwear to do for you.  

    First obviously, you want it to protect your nether regions.

    But more than that, assuming this is strenuous exercise, you would want something that whisks away sweat as well.

    So while for a short run you might choose something more like a speedo, for a longer run you might instead choose something that allows more airflow in order to help keep your body cool.

    In short, there isn't really a right answer.  Chances are, you're met other athletes, or have seen some you like better than others.  Feel free to ask them directly, if you need a specialized pair designed for athletics, fine, but many others have had excellent results with normal hanes.

    Whatever you decide on, just make sure to "test" them in practice or on your own.   Trying a pair for the first time in a competition is a recipe for disaster.  But like anything else, just experiment on your own and see how it goes.

  8. I advise you to get briefs or a jockstrap. I use to compete in Track & Field a while ago. they will give your parts the support they need.

  9. Briefs or compression shorts or even a jockstrap.  Anything really tight so your stuff isn't bouncing around.  

  10. My boyfriend wore a thong for sports in high school. He said they were much more comfortable than a jock. He told me that some of the other guys did too.  It's too bad most guys are scared to wear them.

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