Is using lotion during masturbation bad?

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  1. No. It's actually better too. many guys find problems if they don't.

    help me please

  2. It shouldn't be unless you use some bad lotion..cause lotion helps it be more lubed up. If you don't use lotion, you could burn yourself from the friction...kinda...

  3. You NEED to use lotion. The friction can be painful. Just be sure to stay away from soaps or anything like that. It can cause burning (inside the head) as well as cause your skin to chaff.  

  4. Using lotion or lube during masterbation is actually good

    Go for it

  5. That is just fine! Stay away from scented lotions! I personally like KY!

  6. "It can cause burning (inside the head) as well as cause your skin to chaff."

    i think he means it can cause burning inside the urethra.

  7. No it's not a bad thing.  You may experience some irritation with perfume scented lotions.  A water based lube is probably your safest bet, although they tend to dry out quicker.

  8. If using V.I.C. lotion was bad, I'd be dead. and so would alot of other guys.

    sometimes the smell of lotion can be a giveaway(if you don't shower or wash up afterwards) especially if you come out of the bathroom all red and only one hand smells like lotion.

    other than that, it's all good.

  9. Not at all... enjoy!

  10. I do (and my lady uses it on me, too).  It's cheaper than the KY stuff, and has more uses.

  11. It's fine.  Try it without it and that may remove any doubts you're having.

  12. No, it is not bad. A great number of guys use lotion such as vaseline. Its safe and helps some guys better. Thtgirl....cute duck.

  13. I see nothing wrong in using this at all

  14. no using lotion is fine

    lots of circumcised boys m********e using lotion since the p***s head is often very sensitive and the lotion helps

    yes, vaseline I C is a good lotion to use

  15. Your better off with baby oil, its better. Im not quite sure how old you

    are and how many  times you m********e. But I would use that If I

    were you.

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