Guys what do you think about flatchested girls?

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guys i was wondering, if there was a girl u know, who was very tall, 5'10" and slender, had super nice legs and a nice a** but REALLY small b***s, but a pretty face would u like her appearance or do u prefer bigger b***s?

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  1. That reminds me, i gotta go do some ironing.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. My ideal woman!


  3. Sounds good to me, as long as she isn't an idiot.

  4. To be blunt, it depends on the guy.

    Personally, my taste is I'd find her attractive, but within reason.  

    If by "tall and slender" you mean like Paris Hilton or Mary-Kate Olson, I mentally compare them more to holocaust victims than to any thought of s*x.

    But overall, what matters more is your own outlook.  90% of looking good is psychological, if you believe you look good, your body language will adjust to that belief.  

    Otherwise, if you feel inadequate, your body language will display that as well.

    Feel free to try wearing a push up bra if you want.  If you feel more confident or think that it's helping your self-esteem, then go ahead and keep wearing it.  

    On the same note though, don't worry about it to a large extent.  If your b*****s (or lack thereof) is keeping a guy from being interested in you, chances are he isn't a guy you'd feel better later on for knowing in the first place.

  5. It always helps if they're not small really. Makes it look right if yah get me, but to me matters more on personality.. The other stuff you described helps (Y)

  6. She sounds lovely.

  7. Well to be honest it really depends on the guy, some won't care while others will. I myself don't care if a girl has small b***s. For me i need to have a physical attraction with the girl at first sight or i won't be interested. Again this depends on the person but 5'10 is tall for me, i prefer shorter girls with a cute face and nice hair. Besides that i don't care.

  8. i truley do care aboutm a womens body but when it comes to who she truley is thats what i would really care about.

  9. pix please

  10. sounds hot, please send pics!

    I'm 6'4"

  11. It don't mater to me lol it is all about if i like her or not, if i am in love with her and for it to go any were i would have to be. id love even her small b***s. so no i do not prefer bigger b***s but whats it mater any way for if she don't like me then whats the point in it.

  12. id rather have a girl with small b***s than big ones

  13. I could deal with it but im a man who loves the big titties yo

  14. Since they are girls and I'm a grown man I don't check out their chest.

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