Bumps on my p***s, help!?

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This isnt a joke, and I do not have an std or anything, im a virgin.

The bumps dont burn, I don't feel anything from them. There on the lower part of the shaft, the part farthest from the head, closest to my naval.

They look like goosebumps a little! is this weird? they dont look that bad, they're just there

they look like the image above, just on my p***s.

please guys help me out, thanks




  1. A.I.D.S!!!

  2. They are just sebaceous (oil) glands and hair follicles. Every sexually mature human has them on their genitals. They are everywhere on the body too but show up more on the thin skin of the genitals, after they start to grow at puberty.

  3. i would say that it is normal...if you have not started reproducing hair then maybe this is the area in which hair will grow. Or it could be a reaction from shaving your hair down there, maybe you are sensitive and need to get sensitive shaving cream. Not quite sure but it is a possibility.

  4. my guess is that it is from masturbating..just use a lubricant  

  5. OMG go to the doctors  

  6. its skim burn from rough masturbation, use a lube and slow down.

  7. all you need is to be sure to wash with a mild soap and dry it well then apply hydrocortisone1% cream ...thats all it should clear it up in a about a week use it twice a day bro..

  8. theyre normal and the majority of men have them.

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