Is holding back during masturbation bad for you?

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When I m********e I hold back the o****m as long as I can until I ejaculate. When I do that usually my p***s starts hurting because I'm straining to hold the s***n back, and when I'm done I feel chronic pain in my right t******e and the right side of my pubic bone. whenever I cough/sneeze during the pain it hurts. After it stops hurting, whenever I have an erection the same area on my p***s hurts. what's happening here? Am I straining in the wrong place? Should I abstain from masturbating so frequently?




  1. You may have given yourself a hernia, but not via the masturbation.

    Holding back is fairly common

  2. u'r just 14 and thats means u starts it when u'r at 9.this is very not good thing!

    u should try to find the way to stop doin it,as it will affect ur growing will take lots of proteins fr ur body,and i'm really sure that ur muscle is not good enough.u'r either thin or fat without so much muscle.,maybe i'm wrong but near all my frens who practice m********e agree with me,even a sportsman.u'r still young,n your p***s is not strong enough to hold the s*** may cause me....

  3. maybeyour doing it wrong.i hold back sometimes but not too long.. if you feel it comin, just let go mayne. God luck

  4. im a girl, so i cant really sympathise with u. I can only say that i used to date a doctor and he used to say that holding back is bad for you, i never asked for details though...

  5. your holding it for to long dude and at that point its not as good as if you let go sooner

  6. that's a pretty good practice for achieving Multiple Male Orgasms.  Not the total package but part of it.  I wish I knew those techniques when I was that age, now 44 I'm wanting multiple male orgasms.  There are other processes to the technique but that's part of it.  

    In the book, it explains that if you experience that "pain" your energy is being directed in the wrong part of your body.  You have to train it to go some where else and that's where you experience and o****m without ejaculating.

    /alarm lamar

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