Men that had man b***s? please help(no surgery)?

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my tetes are two inches long. they point to a triangle. they started when i was feels like there are small balls of rubber underneath when i squeeze them My nipples aren't big it's just my chest. the top is flat but it get's bigger under that. they're very noticeable if i walk straight, but noone has never seen them on me. they sag when i dont it straight. they jump up and down. i never use to be fat. but i do have a lot of strtch marks, a belly because of my lack of excercise.i feel like this is ruining my school life and evrything. i was never felt a problem with this until last year, when i statted wanting to play sports. im in the 10th grade. i weigh like 170. im 6,0 feet tall.

im 15. how can i get rid of them in 2 monhths.

what excercises, and what foods did you avoid and ones that you ate to help you lose yours.

don't tell me nothing about surgery please




  1. Try exercise and some 100% natural supplemenst tohelp complement your exercise regime.

    there are top 5 recognized products and program to help you a affordable prices.


    good luck!

  2. Your not fat but your not skinny. your doomed with moobs unless you get anorexic. anyways moobs arnt that bad, unless they are bigger then your sisters

  3. Work out your chest area duh.

  4. Why would you not want to hear from someone whose had surgery?  It sounds like you have actual gynecomastia and the ONLY way to get rid of that is surgery.  You aren't overweight so it's definitely not just fat making your chest big.  You can lose 10, 20, or 50 pounds and they'd still be there.

    My recommendation:  Either look into surgery (I did it.  Best thing I've ever done) or live with having b*****s.

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