Erection when getting a physical?

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I ALWAYS get an erection when people see me naked, so I need to get a physical to be an athlete at school.

I am so nervous that when the doctor checks my things, Im gonna get an erection

What do I do?




  1. think of hard multipication question like 70X43=?

    more blood goes to ur brain and not ur d**k and it gets ur mind off it  

  2. just laugh about it..what happens there is between you and the doc so its not like he is gonna go running around telling everyone you know "so and so had a a hard-on while i was checking him"

  3. trust me i just got a physical and  i didn't get an erection don't worry

    u probably won't.

  4. Imagine your mom's sitting right next to you. Trust me,it works all the time.

  5. Like the guy above, ask for a female doctor

  6. You have choices available -

    First, realize it's biological, ironically the same flight/fight response also gives increased blood-flow to the genital region, it's the same reason that Hollywood has so many "adult" scenes in horror/fear situations.

    Now, for how to deal with it.

    First option to try is simple mind tricks.  Imagine Grandma naked.  Go into detail.  At this point I really hope you don't have a erection.  Assuming you don't, keep this thought in mind - There is no difference between psychological and physiological in that both can influence the other.  

    In other words, imagine things that you could never find attractive or arousing.  If necessary, practice this in front of a mirror at home (or in front of your girlfriend if you have one).

    Assuming this still doesn't work, another more blunt option is to take advantage of the refraction period.  

    (Basically, it's more difficult to get a erection after a ejaculation).

    And finally, if it still fails - They're doctors and nurses (assuming it's not your teachers doing this).  They've seen more than you want to know or imagine, and really, if they didn't keep doctor/patient confidentiality, it'd be grounds for a lawsuit.

    So go ahead, take the physical, and if you get a erection, who knows, maybe you'll make a old nurse's day (In other words, don't worry about it).

  7. Wtf..why do you get naked for your physical..

    It's basically..Weight..Height..Vision..Arm strength..etc..

  8. Well, it happened to me several times, a few of those times, I had a male doctor, and what was worse, my parents both were in the room (I don't know if the doctors still ask the rents to do that), but 1) Ask the doctor to use the curtain thingy if they have one, 2) Ask for a female doctor,its better to have a hard-on with a female, if it was a male, it might be way more awkward for you.


  10. m********e right before you get a physical.

  11. it doesn't matter, I had one during a physical and the Dr. didn't care at all

  12. Ask for a female doctor...

    That way you kind of have an excuse.

  13. Warn the doctor first.

  14. dont worry about it, that happens to a lot of people, the docter will be more than used to it. and if you're still worried

    just dont think about anything sexual when you take off your pants.

    and i used to be like that too but i didnt get one when i had my physical, and my docter was a woman and everything. the fact that you're at the hospital and this is clearly medical keeps you from getting excited, trust me.

  15. Doctors are use to teenage boys getting erections during physicals so just go in there and do it. He is a medical professional and will not acknowledge your erection.

  16. So; you get an erection ? Its no big deal !

    The doctors see guys and their penises every day ; so they will think nothing of it as it is a NATURAL biological reaction ....

    The more you worry ; the more likely you will get the erection ...

    TIP: Before you go to the doctor; try masturbating a couple of times ... it "Might" help you a little.....

  17. I wouldn't worry about that at all, totally natural and just shows everythings working as it should!

    I was kind of nervous a few yrs back, going to the doctors for an examination down there. I Needn't have worried really, cos when she started poking and prodding, it shrunk to a size I hadn't witnessed since childhood ;)

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