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After I m********e, i didn't shower, instead, I cleand myself with a paper towel and put on a fresh pair of boxers. is it okay to put them in the wash? they will get washed with my family's underware including my sisters' and mom's. it that okay? i think it is but idk. what do you do after you mastubate and ejaculate? cause sometimes i can't always jump in the shower afterwards




  1. yes it's 100% ok... scientifically impossible for sperm cells to survive a washing machine cycle with chemical detergents!  

  2. it's fine....

  3. you're fine.  there's nothing in your boxers that's gonna do any harm to anyone.

    I just wipe it off and go.  I don't even change underwear (don't get any spooge on them).

  4. can i recomend that you try and not get it on your boxers? why ruin a perfectly fine pair...just finish in some tissues, toiletpaper, paper towels, etc...and keep wearing your can also use a sock which tends to be better and easier to find and have than boxers...

  5. You're being way, way too paranoid about it.

    Just take your boxers completely off when you m********e and then just wipe yourself off with a piece of toilet paper or kleenex when you are done.

    The other thing you can do is just do it in the shower.

  6. yes you can... nothing will happen..l use old clothing

  7. Yes, it's ok.  Any residual sperm missed during clean-up will die within a few hours.  No one's going to get pregnant from this.  

  8. yes

  9. I usually clean up the s***n, which is on my bed, or my s*x toys, and go to sleep.  Once in a great while I will shower, but that is not too often.

  10. dont worry they wont get pregnant. sperm isnt strong enough to survive the washing machine and then survive on a dry pair of underwear  untll they put them on. otherwise everyone would be pregnant =D

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