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I have a problem i can not stop masturbating. I want to stop but i cant. Does anyone have tips on how to stop?




  1. why stop,  ENJOY.

  2. It is hard to stop. I am not quite sure how old you are. So its difficult

    to answer your question properly.

  3. Me, too!  I just need to find someone...speed date her...get married...and then on the wedding night and beyond...the freedom of s*x and having that partner that can provide!  YIPPEE!

  4. Seriously, why do you want to stop? There&#039;s nothing wrong with it unless you get cought by a family member or something. But really like the second answer said. Just enjoy!

  5. give it away u can get it surgical removed  

  6. Cut your thing off.

  7. get a hobby, play sport, spend more time outside, play video game, do your HW, read, listen to anything that make you forget that you want to m********e. good luck

  8. why do you want to stop??

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