How does a man shave his pubic hair?

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I need help please, lately I have hair down there which I find nasty, but I don't know how to shave down there. I live with a single mother so it would be embarrassing to ask her. Can someone please tell me how to do it without cutting yourself? Thanks




  1. Just use a beard or hair trimmer to just trim down the bush. You don't have to make it smooth or even, just enough to get rid of the inconvenient part of your pubic hair mound. Just be careful to not nick anything, or it could be quite painful.

  2. Pluck each one with tweezers

  3. burn them ,

  4. Get a decent razor, i use disposable's; doesn't matter as long as its not dull,

    I would shave in the shower, just because all the hair will go down the drain. Shave in the same direction your hair grows, also the first time you shave you might be a bit itchy for a little while, but that should go away soon.

  5. Lol you dont.



    Apply shaving cream. Let sit for 2 mins. Shave as usual but no as-er-close to the surface. Rinse off. Apply polysporne to any cuts.

    Email me if you need anything else-If ANYBODY needs anyhing else.


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  6. apply some neat oil of lavender

    apply shaving cream

    let rest for a while now shave off hair

    after shaving apply neat oil of lavender

    aloe vera gel

  7. "Veet" hair removal cream works for me  

  8. LOL. Hair removal?

  9. your best bet would be to use a razor.

  10. use heir removal creams   but i gotta till u     these creams causes skin cancer..... so u just have to do it the regular way    USE RAZORS..  nit the cheap ones though

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