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hi i need help. i tried every possible way to stop masturbation, like deleting pornography from my pc and stuff.. but its not working. whenever i'm on the net, i go to those sites....

let me tell u my story. i started msturbating when i was around 13, now i'm 17.. i masturbated everyday. believe it or not, sometimes i can do it up to 9 times a day, if i'm really bored.. help plzzzzzzzzzz




  1. Whenever you get that feeling like you want to, start working out, or just do some pushups. After you are done, you won&#039;t have the urge. Plus, if you get that feeling that often, then you will be ripped in no time:)

  2. let me down there for awhile an ill help your problem

  3. its not a problem ur just having fun?

    i mean, get a grip dude

    rj says you can l**k it lol

  4. idle hands are the tools of the devil- as they say - keep busy - maybe promise yourself a fun reward if you meet a certain goal - say a week?

  5. when ur in the mood go eat a raw egg. it works trust me

  6. You need to make a schedule and fill your time with good wholesome and appropriate activities. You need to stay busy, and go to bed early like at 10:00 or 11:00. You can l**k it, you just need to reactivate the common sense that p**n turns off. Trust me, I have several friends with this problem as well as you. You can email me for more ideas if you&#039;d like to! You don&#039;t need a girlfriend at this stage in life to l**k your addiction to p**n and masturbation.

  7. if you don&#039;t stop now, or cut back drastically, you&#039;ll never be satisfied by a just won&#039;t be the same

  8. ill help you **** lol hehe xx

    please answer mine;...

  9. It&#039;s normal to m********e daily.

    Maybe take your mind off things by playing more sports etc and making yourself tired so that your mind will not immediately wander off to those stuff.

    And try to do something else online - maybe join a forum of something of your interest.  

  10. What&#039;s the problem?

    I was doing it just as much as you from age 13 well into my 20s - even when I had girlfriends and frequent s*x.  I still do it 5 to 10 times a week at almost 50 years of age, even though I have a very good s*x life with my girlfriend.

    Face facts: you&#039;re a horny guy, and masturbating feels good.  You don&#039;t have a problem.

  11. Get yourself away from your PC, and take up a sport.

  12. Get a girlfriend &gt;.&gt;

  13. get a girlfriend

  14. its not easy to stop masturbating.your lust is big coz your masturbating everyday.if you feel want to m********e try to go out and have walk....

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