I don't think this is normal....?

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Ok I am 19. When my p***s is erect it is around 5.5 in which I know is within the average range for males. However when it is flaccid not only does it get very small and hardly hangs at all but so do my balls. To me it looks very undeveloped and quite juvenile. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do so my p***s/balls don't look this way when I am not erect?




  1. You're very normal.  Average size and still may eke out a little more growth in the next year or two.  The only thing you change appearance-wise is to shave or trim, which may make you look bigger.  

  2. its not the size that matters its what you do with it

  3. i got the same problem too bro relax. think of it as a good thing ya know it stays out the way if your working out or being active. and o=if you get into a fight and the other person tries to kick you in the balls they have a better chance of missing. gift not curse right?

  4. No one cares what your p***s does when it's flaccid (soft).  It's not working then, just resting.  There aren't any requirements or standards that it has to meet.  When you're on vacation, do you really want your mom bugging you every 5 minutes to do chores and get your summer reading out of the way?  Mine just about disappears when it's soft.  No big deal.  There's not a thing you can do about it anyway.

  5. Yeah boy... i think this is perfectly normal...

    okays... maybe its not...but still its not as big a problem as it sounds to u...

    its quite natural...relax...!!!  :)

  6. That's how some look, and not much you can do about it.

  7. Then you are a grower not a show-er:perfectly normal.


  8. don't worry buddy...everyone is different, and there isn't a whole lot you can do abou happy with what you have

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