I am 14 going threw puberty help?

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i am always scratching my balls how can i stop this?




  1. the more you scratch the more you itch so put gloves on and try to stop yourself. once you get out of the cycle of scratch-itch you should be fine.

    try to bathe more, bad hygiene can cause itchiness

  2. Dude, the hair is growing there and irritating the nerves just under the skin.  Lotion or "Udder Cream" helps greatly with this problem.  Yer Nuts itchin is perfectly normal

  3. Relax bro. I'm 14 too, and I was originally scared of puberty. It's nothing to be afraid of my friend. Scratching your balls though, normally has little to do with puberty. You can remedy this as you would with an itch on any other part of your body. Try anti-itch cream, washing it with soap, and even using an ice pack.

  4. Puberty brings more body oil and more hair growth, which contribute to more itching, especially in warm, dark areas that tend to stay moist.  Try some Gold Bonds powder after you shower.  


  5. try bathing first and make sure dry off well done there. Also try some body powder that keeps you dry. Note: Scratching causes minor sores and when they are healing that's what causes the itching sensation.

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