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someone plz tell me what lube to use and how to apply it,because it gets sore when i dont use.




  1. Baby oil is the best.  It is easy to have reason to have and it doesn&#039;t burn. Also it is good for your p***s.  The reason is because you have really dry skin!  

  2. grow a sack first

  3. The least expensive thing you can find in most house holds is baby oil but if you want to buy something, Astro Glide is good.

  4. I like Johnson&#039;s baby lotion.

    when you get done you can rub the left over lotion in your skin.

    so not a whole lot of clean up.

    KY and other lubes, you almost need to wash up after your done.

  5. lol try spit.

    or just use vaseline or lotion



  7. there&#039;s glycerin

    there&#039;s lotion

    there&#039;s water

    there&#039;s K-Y jelly

    there&#039;s different vegetable, nut oils (no pun intended)

    there&#039;s Cyclomethicone

    there&#039;s  Dimethicone

  8. Precum is the worlds natural lube, but I&#039;ll say KY jelly is the best.

  9. i like baby lotion because it smells good and it softens your skin.. haha

  10. Use Vaseline, it the best stuff to use. put a drop on your finger and

    rub it on yourself. Enjoy,

  11. ky jelly is the best one on the market never had 2 use it so cant swear 2 it just no its a best seller in work that says it all really

  12. ky and just put some on the p***s and stroke

  13. And how to apply it??

    How do you wipe your a**

    Not a Health Issue!

  14. 2 stroke oil!!!!!! thats all 2 strokes and its over with.

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