Okay, so i am sixteen years old and i have been shaving since i was 13. I first started off with growing just?

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sideburns. After about a year or two i got hair on my neck and my cheeks. My problem is that my facial hair has some spots that no matter how often i shave, or how deep from the roots i shave the hair, my beard will not be complete!! To give you a better understanding of it here are some of my pictures:

As you can see there are spots that don grow and havent for three years. Please tell me why this is and how i can fix the problem. See, i want it to be kind of like this:

So does anyone know why this happens to me and how i can fix it???




  1. Wax?

    Also, It's normal for your hair to look like that but if you don't like it, get a better razor or wax.

  2. The problem is your 16. You go more facial hair than me and I'm 23. Most 16yo don't have the amount facial hair you have and I got no doubt that by the time your 18 - 20 you'll have a full beard like wat u want.

    The only thing you can do is wait. It wont matter how you shave or anything else. it take a while for all the hair follicles to start growing whenyour in your teens. Besides shavings a pain in the backside anyway.

  3. Purchase a wig for your face.

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