A few questions :) (coming of age)?

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so i have a few questions lookin for some answers.

so lately ive been really bored.. not really horny just always wanting to j/o is there anyway to get around this? ive just been trying to hold off. ive been playing video games and working and working out but when i have free time i wanna come up to my room and go at it.

anybody have any tips? im just trying to cut down on it. my best friend says he doesnt do it so i just feel like a bad person but my gf and i used to have s*x all the time but now shes very far away during the summer and we'll see eachother soon again when school starts so im just trying to hold off for that too.

any ideas? am i acting stupidly?




  1. I say jerk it when you need/want to.  

    Your friend SAYS he doesn't;  I'm willing to bet he does.  

    And there's no reason for anyone to ever feel guilty about doing it.

  2. umm its a tough question to answer, because its natural to want to jerk off often...don't be worried about your friend; you aren't a bad person...its healthy to do, and fine...i understand the whole being bored aspect...i would say you just have to try and not do it...have the will power to go without it for a day, two days even feels much better and is more satisfying if you don't do it so often, and school is about to start so that is something to look forward to..

  3. I felt your age was relevant, so I went back and found that you are "college age".

    First off, your friend lies.  And badly.  Don't feel bad about masturbating, regardless of what your friend thinks.  Also, the longer you go without any release, the stronger these urges will become.  You've done well keeping yourself busy, but there's a reason you can't get it off of your mind.

    If you have s*x with your gf when she returns, I hope you'll be careful and wear a condom.  And no, I don't think you're acting stupidly.

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