After masturbation..?

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After I m********e, i didn't shower, instead, I cleand myself with a paper towel and put on a fresh pair of boxers. is it okay to put them in the wash? they will get washed with my family's underware including my sisters' and mom's. it that okay? i think it is but idk. what do you do after you mastubate and ejaculate? cause sometimes i can't always jump in the shower afterwards




  1. yes you can... nothing will happen..l use old clothing

  2. I rarely get in the shower after i m********e! All you need to do it just whip with a sock or paper towels. And also dont worry about the mom and sister thing becuase s***n dies when its expose to air and also the p***s must be in the v****a to get someone pregenant!!!!!!!!! ;D

  3. I had the exact same problem.

    Here's what did.

    There was this one time, where i thought my mom would find out that m********e. So I also kept changing boxers.

    Till one day, I forgot to change..

    To my surprise, it dried up. It was gone. It took about an hour.

    It will do the trick.

    It was like the Stair way to Heaven when i found that out,

    Enjoy the feeling.
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