Avarage 13 year old penuis?

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My penuis is 6,1 inches and my friend say its small because one time playing football i saw a girl like almost topless walking down the street, i got a erection and my friend pulled my trousers down and he said it was small for 13, is it small?




  1. For 13 years old, you're a beast.  I don't think there's that many guys your age that are that big and you still have a long time before you're completely finished growing.  Try not to scare the girls.

  2. Absolutely not. I am 17 and I am not that lucky.

  3. The web-site below may answer your question.

  4. Your friend is jealous.

  5. Wtf is a penuis??!!?!?

    lol jk

  6. That is NOT a small penius. It's a genius.  And tell your friend to stop  molesting you.

  7. that is big i am 13 and my p***s is 5.1 inches

  8. Your not small at all. He might be small and envious.

  9. Say to him, how big is yours then. That will make him scared. If he says something like 7 inch, do what he did to you, embarrass him. See how he likes getting his pants pulled down when he has an erection.

  10. When I was 13 my p***s was 5 inches long, even though I was only 5 feet tall. I can't understand what you said the height of yours was though. "6,1 inches?" Do you mean 6 inches or 1 inch?

  11. you must know that 6" for a 13 year old is not small. remeasure again, using the correct side of the tape and this time, do not include your testicles.


  12. Average 13 year old p***s size is 2.5-5.6 inches. so you are proberly lieing. and they just said its small because they were jelsous,


  14. You're normal and your friend is mean.


  15. lol i dont know... whatt think i mean u still are growing lol.

    And its p***s........

  16. If your p***s is 6.1 inches, then you have a very nice sized p***s.  The average for a p***s erect is 5.0-5.8 inches in length, so that person was jealous.

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