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Would you have s*x with any random girl if she was willing and you found her really hot?

i was just wondering because in movies they always show guys like that but i want to know if guys are really like that.




  1. Probably not all guys are like that, but just speaking for myself, I would. I think every guy knows that an opportunity to have no commitment s*x with a hot girl doesn't happen often enough, if at all, so if that opportunity presents itself I say go for it!

  2. Yes, I would. Me and my friend have actually talked about it before. If a hot chick knocked on my apartment door, I would do it.

    I'm 16

  3. ohhhh yeaahhh!

  4. I swing the other way ,but I would have s*x with any random guy if he was hot and willing:see no harm in that at all.


  5. No I don't think so. About as far as I would go is finger her until she came really really hard and then I would be out of the picture. Besides I'm married and would much rather be doing her instead. I'm just not the kind of guy who goes around sticking it to just any thing. There are way to many STD out there and I'm not going to take a chance on get something that penasilion runs from and then get sent to some far away Island that I will never return from.

  6. If she was anywhere near good looking or s**y, of course I would.

    The human male is made to have s*x and he is not too particular about who he has s*x with. They would never admit it, but most men, when they get horny enough, will even have anal s*x with another man, which is proven to be true in the prisons.

  7. no, i dont think so...

    as on my part...s*x is something related to emotions, so i definetely wud not go out & have s*x with any1 i find on the road...

  8. I'm not a guy, but I'd like to point something out:  Real guys probably would try to go for it sometimes, but the key is that the girl has to let him, too.  The kind of guys that will hump anything are too ugly to get those girls anyway.  LOL

  9. heck yea, we are all like that  

  10. No. It would have to be someone special to me, or I would have to be going out with them for a while though.  

  11. Of course not, even though other perverted guys out there would.

  12. depends if youve had alot of s*x before or you can get s*x easily. ME personally would totally have s*x with a random hot girl.. as long as she didnt have stds

  13. Unfortunately yes we men sometimes don't control our hormones and just make out with no protection  

  14. yeah most guys are like that. we like to get laid.  

  15. Yes

  16. I guess most guy would, unfortunately!

    No wonder there's so many STD's around

    they get infected from some w***e, then infect 10 women. how sad

  17. Sure why not as long as i had protection


  18. i'm a guy, and it all depends on the mood one is in...right now i have a girlfriend, so the answer would be no, but if the environment is one where its not binding or a place where you are likely to meet again, then yes i think thats pretty right...

  19. I wouldn't just do that. Now don't get me wrong; I really love girls as much as the next guy, and I think about s*x a whole lot. I really see it is a genuine act, though, and not just anything like many others do. I could have fun in the moment, but what if I get that girl pregnant? It would totally erase anything that was fun, and then a baby would be on the way.

    Things like this are played around with too much, and shouldn't be; especially when you have the chance to just bring a life into the world, whether you're ready for it or not.

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