Has any other men had this or know about it, is it normal....?

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i have never had spots on my testicles, but just now, when i was at the toilet, i noticed something hurt as i randomly brushed against my balls, so i checked, and these this little red spot, it looks like an acne spot...

is it normal to get spots down there?

i have never had s*x(no intentions of ever having it), so it can't be some sort of STI/D.




  1. Could be crabs. You can get them off a toilet seat. Or scabies. You can get them in a hot tub.

    Don't have to have s*x to get STDs.

  2. It's just a pimple. We all get them from time to time (lots of heat and moisture and bacteria down there) on our s*****m or p***s.  Keep clean, avoid squeezing, and use a dab of Neosporin.  You'll be fine, no need to go to the doctor.

  3. yeah its normal. my bf has them and had them checked out. its common to get acne and ingrown hairs down there, as well as some other things that looks like spots (papules) arnt dangerous at all.  

  4. Yeah it happens, almost always nothing to worry about, but if it's still there in a few days and can't be popped like a normal spot, see a doctor.

  5. Yes. That is common and you are right. It is a type of acne and although it can be kind of uncomfortable, it is totally harmless.

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