Getting your job in the air force and meps?

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So i meet with my recruiter tomorrow to go through some paper work and schedule my first meps trip. what will i do besides the physical and what not at meps, do i sign my contract, do i get a list of jobs that are currently available? now as for my asvab scores and my qualifications, i got a 96 administrative, 97 mechanical, 99 general, and 98 electronic. my recruiter said i was qualified for pretty much everything the air force has, does anyone know if it is tough to get into air traffic control? yeah thats a few questions in a random order but just do your best, ty




  1. As long as you have no waivers u shud breeze thru MEPS and pick your job, swear in, and sign contracts the same day. The Air Force as u kno has ALOT  of people trying to join. U kud have to wait a long time to get that job. The Air Force is currently looking for alot of mech jobs and elec.

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