If the British had a boom in Military technology?

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If the British had a boom in Military technology could they become the worlds greatest power beyond America? Its just a question of curiosity not one that I want to rival the states with Britain on.





  1. Military technology doesn't alone dictate power.  It's also the training of the individuals to use that technology as well as economic productivity, infrastucture, and sustainability of programs.  I'm not sure how Great Britiain stacks up on all of those fronts although I would assume they would be fairly close to on par with the U.S on those ends.

  2. no, because we just don't have the man power to match what the U.S has

  3. no the U.K doesent have more troops than the U.S thats actually a comical thought, no the U.K can never pass the U.S in military power, the U.K's greatest ally and protection is the U.S, the U.S would consider an attack on britain an attack on America, and after the events of 9/11 and the war in iraq, its good to see they see it the same way

  4. they would have to have major economic and military booms.

    It would depend on how big of a boom it is.

    It is very doubtful that they wouldn't share some of it witht he US, as they are both close allies.

  5. Depends how you define it.

    If the Brits would develop a 100% shoot the nuke down defense

    system and improve their own to a level where defense systems

    won't work then of course they would be a step ahead.

    But that aside no. Technology is a lot but not all. You need it in

    numbers as well and that costs a shitload of money. Surpassing

    the U.S. is a bit too much Britain has money for. Even if they

    have the technology.

    And no. Britain has not more troops than the U.S. The U.S. has

    about 1.4M people within the military. The U.K. has about 430k.

  6. boom---- they need a kaboom

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