Do you pick your job at meps or after basic in the air force?

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Do you pick your job at meps or after basic in the air force?




  1. It's at MEPS. Sometimes it depends on quota, but it usually won't happen in the Air Force since they are downsizing and usually guarantee you the job you want if your eligible and will put you on DEP until there is an opening for that job.

  2. Some people pick it at MEPS like i did, others go into basic as "Open General" or "Open Mechanical".. etc. They will find out their job at basic. But many people do pick one out at MEPS. It's better to reserve one at MEPS than let the AF pick one for you.  

  3. The military gives you an illusion that you pick your job.  In reality they choose what is best and needed for the military at the time.  If you do not have anything garanteed on paper then you will probably end up being military police or cook.

  4. you pick your job before you go in sometimes they will try to steer you one way because they need people there but that can be good because they did it to me and it turned our great  a      person who was in the air force

  5. MEPS

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