Navy SEALS versus Army Special Forces???

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1. Which one is harder

2. Which one is easier

3. Which one is better to have for a medic

4. Which physical pre-screening is harder




  1. Harder Selection-?

    SEALs, it is 6 months vs 3 weeks for SF. Many SF will include the Q Course in that selection but then the SEALs could include SQT and the workup they do before deploying


    Neither one is easy, not being a smart *** but even though it is only 3 weeks, 3 weeks is a long time to get hammered and sleep deprived

    Better to be a medic?-?

    SF is much better to be a medic in, you will go to the full 18-Delta Course, SEALs can go to the full course but are pushed to go to the SOCM course only now and it is 7 months compared to a year for the full 18-Delta Course, but to be honest, if you want to be a really good combat/rescue medic, go PJ, they have a job in peace time and war and are very good medics and very good at high risk rescue, ie; mountains, ocean, etc...

    Pre-Screening-it does not matter really, if you cannot pass the pre-screen for either one you have no business doing either one, again, not being smart just being honest.

    The missions are very different too-

    SEALs are more direct action oriented, ie; to go into an area and either raid, ambush, recon, etc..

    SF is more the long war view, they are the guys who win hearts and minds, teach the locals how to defend themselves and lead them until they can lead themselves. In a way, while the SEAL may have the ''sexier" job the SF is more important to the long term goals of any counter-insurgency.

    Also, as a side note, Rangers are under SOCOM, they are not considered SpecOps Units in the sense that they get an ID, the SRBs the SpecOps gets, etc..but they get the funding and mission from SOCOM/JSOC. Ranger also go thru a 3 week RIP course to get into a Batt, they can if they want go to Ranger School later on and that is a 72 day school.

  2. If you haven't noticed already the people that will answer this question are going to be kid wanna be's who watch to many movies. Before you take advice make sure its someone with a little experience. Army SF is probably easier to get into just for the simple fact that there are more of them. They are a larger element therefore there is a larger recruiting campaign. Both are tough. I do not know much about the navy side but in the Army you can actually be asigned to SF in a support job, not an actual green beret. Many people serve their time this way and you will gain knowledge of the SF community. Not a bad idea to get your feet wet.

  3. This is a hard one. Keep in mind that both are the toughest of the tough.

    If you want an easy way into the special forces community go air force. Become a pararescuer also known as PJ , or become a combat controller. Pararescuers work with special ops teams and they are medics. Combat controllers are combat air traffic controllers, but they also work with SEALS and Green berets on missions.

    But to answer your questions .

    Your first question

    1.Seals is harder, But only a little bit. Remember that doesn't mean army special forces are that much easier.

    2. Like i said army special force, but easier is not the word i would use.    (try becoming an army ranger, be medic like the one in black hawk down. those guys in that movie are rangers.)

    3. Army special forces, because if you ddo good on the tests you can become a medic.

    4. Seals .

    But remember the other special forces

    AF combat controllers and PJ's

    Navy SWCCs and EOD

    Marine recon

    Army rangers and 160th SOAR pilots.

    Good luck future soldier!

  4. impossible to say which is tougher or which is easier because they are completly different

  5. Special Forces takes half of your first enlistment just for your qualifying schools, and even then, you will never see an operational detachment on your first enlistment. Remember, Special Forces not only operates behind enemy lines in time of war, but they also train armies, conduct revolutions and impregnate your daughters with genes of a very high quality.  

    Special Forces is the way to go as a medic. But make that three quarters of your first enlistment just for schools.  

  6. Army Special Forces such as green berets are tougher to get into, more psychiatric tests, and schools before you become one. As for rangers, it is often compared to its navy counterpart, SEALs. A school of 72 days with little sleep and mental stress.

    SEALs are world renowned, they are the Navy's best warriors, as for the army special forces. Rangers do not go under SO COM (special operations command) therefore they do not participate in as much SO COM missions and more company sized operations. But, army special forces, pararescumen, and SEALs do.

    A medic is needed for both teams ODA's (operation detachment Alphas) or twelve men squads. But both SEALs and Green Berets can operate in even smaller teams 4-5 men. So a medic in each ODA is highly needed.

    Physical screening is tough for both, yet the screening for Green Berets is longer and can take over  4 years to complete. SEALs are now taking civilians to make them become SEALs so as long as you pass the tests, you should be fine.

  7. 1. They are all hard as S**t. The guy who said Pararescue and PJs is easy has no clue. PJs is probably the hardest. PJs and Special Forces take more intelligence requirements and just as much physical as SEALs. PJs and SEALs both deal with water, so that rules Special Forces out. PJs deals with water, land, medical needs, intelligence, and all the physical, mental, and combat training.

    1. There is no easy in Special Operations.

    3. The best to have as a medic is Air Force Pararescue/Parajumpers aka PJs. But out of SEALs and Army SF, it's a toss up, all comes down to water or no water.

    4. PJs and SEALs.

  8. You really can just look this question up yourself. It has been asked many times.

    1. I would say SEAL's training is harder because of BUD/S. It is a debatable subject but this is my opinion of what I have seen. The thing that is hard about SFAS is that you do not get the team motivation as you do in BUD/S. It is all up to you to push yourself through it. Also with SF I hear Robin Sage is pretty difficult to pass.  I still think BUD/S is more difficult.

    2.Same answer

    3. For medic I would say Green Berets. I don't know much about the SEAL/S medical situation, but I know that Green Berets stay behind enemy lines for long periods of time so the Medic provides aid to the native people as well as his soldiers.

    4. I would assume they are pretty much the same.  

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