Air Force job choice?

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I, am going to MEPS Thursday and I was wondering if I, am suppose to determine the jobs I want now, and see if there is an opening, or do they show you what jobs are available are you pick from them? I would call my recruiter, but he is so hard to get in touch with.




  1. go to an online USAF careers site, check out the jobs, pick atleast 8 jobs you could live with.  90% of AF jobs offered to Enlisted require no more than average ASVAB scores, and have little other prior qualifications, don't worry they will train you.  My Son jst joind, and had 13 jobs, 5 where Air crew type jobs (fly on a plan as enlisted as part of the crewm not a pilot).  He got his first choice.  I had stressed with him to make sure he had many to choose from, they say 5, but choose as many as you can, and don't be shocked if you get your last choice! so make sure you can live with that choice.  here is a tip from a 10 yr vet, DO not, under any circumstance take any job that has to do with security, flightline security, or police type duties.  reson being, you'll go strait to Iraq for guard duty type jobs, and end up hating your AF career. (unless that what you really want).  also, if you do not want to go anywhere near Iraq there are Missle maint jobs that are only in the US, you can NEVER be deployed orassigned in a foriegn country.

      finally, do not sign up for a GENERAL career choice, which means , you will let them pick a job for your after Basic training, blieve me , 100% of the time you will get a job you will hate, (someone has to do those jobs).  If your going in the USAF, then you got decent asvab scores, even average scores for the USAF are high for theother branches, don't let them feed you a line about your scores, Meps people have a job, much like recruiters, they got to fill all slots, all jobs, and so they try with everyone.  if your not ready, call your recruiter, and boldly say, "I'm not ready to go now, I will wait unitl I have picked a job, after checking them out, don't let them buylly you, they got no clout over you, you are under no obligation what so ever, wntil you swear in at the MEPS.  they like to hurry people thru so you don't have time to think, so if not ready, dn't go, nothig they can do, recuriters have a job to get so many, but actually, the ball is in your court, you got all the power, they need you, don't be intimidated by fancy jargon and talk, at the Meps you give them a list of atleast 8 jobs, they have to give you one of them, that is a fact, if they don't you are released from your swearing in oath, it's all in writting. so don't worry.  Just be realistic and pic jobs that intrest you, read what they are about on the officila USAF careers sight under the enlisted carers tab.  good luck, and AIm HIgh!

  2. If you want to pick your job, join the Army.

    If you want to be in the Air Force, join the Air Force.

  3. Depending on what you have (or will) score on the ASVAB, it determines what jobs you qualify for. Once that is determined you will be able to choose a job based on availability. Definitely look into whatever job it is they are offering and do research on jobs that you might want consider. There are a list of jobs in all categories (mechanic, admin, etc) at Air nder careers/enlisted careers. Check them out and educate yourself on the jobs.

  4. Yes, pick your job. Once they have your ASVAB scores, they can determine what field you are qualified to enter.

    never join "open general" you will become security forces. so basically you are a cop on base and when deployed you are pretty much an army grunt.

    you wont be sent to basic until your job opens, and yes, there is a job list/base list. he should be able to tell you where certain jobs are open too. which could give you an idea of where you might be stationed.

    i am AF, got any more questions feel free to ask.

  5. It really depends on what you want to do.  Military-dot-com is an outstanding resource for recruits and veterans alike.  Decide now if you want to get in for training (money after the AF), the experience and/or a career.  If you're uncertain, I recommend going in with a job you'll enjoy for a long'd be surprised at how many people get in for 1 hitch and end up retiring after 20.

    Good luck and be smart.

  6. You will take your ASVAB once you are done with that they will sit you down with a counselor that will tell you what you qualify for. You wont know what you can ACTUALLY do until you are done with your ASVAB and sitting down with your counselor. Although you can go to and see what scores it takes to be a certain MOS.
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