Husband's orders (Army)?

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My husband has not officially received his orders in paper, but I guess he found out on his AKO (?) I'm not sure, so please don't bash me on that. (I'm veryvery new to this Military thing!) He learned that he is suppose to report to Germany in October. We would love to live in Germany and experience the culture and such, but there are other issues that make us a little hesitant (I know we can't do much, so please don't repeat that to me, lol) to go out of the states. Is there anyway (even the slightest chance) he can possibly swap his orders with someone else at his school? If not, how long would we have to wait to request a new duty station? Thank you for any answers!




  1. my husband is air force..he did swap his orders out of tech school ..ours were for spain and we werent ready to leave the states we took luke in arizona...haha..we left that place within a year and a half....we went to misawa in should may regret it one day

  2. No. There is no swapping orders. IDK how long you have to wait to request a new station. My family (dad was in the US Army) was stationed in (back then it was West Germany) Germany for 3 years. It is hard to be away from family and friends, but it's a wonderful cultural learning experience.

  3. NO! he has to go! YOU don't, you can stay home!

    Personally, I did 3 tours of Europe! an oppurtunity of a lifetime compliments of Uncle Sam!

    It can be scary, but you will have plenty of support when you get there.

  4. You can check your orders on your AKO, usually they are permanent at that point. There is a slight chance you can switch with someone but they have to be the same rank and job. DO NOT count on this is rarely happens. You don't request a new duty station. After you PCS to Germany, however long the duty is, is how long you will stay and then he can request 3 or 4 "dream" choices and the command can consider your wishes. Germany is alot of fun. You can travel alot. BTW, be thankful that he isn't going down range instead.

  5. Swapping orders rarely has to be with someone of the same rank, same career field and level and, of course, not all stateside bases are all that great.  My suggestion would be to simply take the orders and love it.  Germany is a fantastic experience and while it can be scarey to move so far away(especially for a first assignment) know that there are many members who have tried for most of their careers to get there and are still waiting.  Since you are married, you will have a 3 or 4 year tour there.  You can not request a new duty station once you are there without clear and urgent reasons..and that can often lead to an early return of the dependents (you and if you have any, the kids) while the active duty member remains to finish the tour.  And yes, you can refuse to go but that can be a financial disaster, especially since your husband is so new to the service and would most likely end up in dorms, meaning there would be very little housing allowance (the only time he could live in dorms and get full BAH for you is if the orders did not allow you to accompany him...if you are on the orders and refuse to go, all of that changes).  Instead of worrying, take some time and do some research about the area you will be living in.  There are fabulous websites out there and travel guides at the local library and bookstores.  Get won't make the nervousness go away, but it may make it fader a bit.

    Oh..and I am soooo jealous.  We got to do Japan but never Europe

  6. He is stuck where they send him. Most duty stations are for at least one or two years overseas (non-combat). My Sister loved Germany for their two years.

  7. When your husband enlisted, he signed a legal document. Unless there is a "breach of contract" (If he signed up to train in one area like computers and they trained him in another area like cooking without his authorized signature) he is under legal obligation to follow orders. Your husband  might try talking to his commanding officer if there are extenuating circumstances that may effect his ability to perform his duties if he leaves.( immediate family medical conditions that may be life threatening).

    Each branch of service has their own rules and regulations, check the policy handbook or check with the legal department within his branch of service. Good Luck

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