What basic training like.?

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I know they train you about all the basics on how to be a solider but what does PT usually consiste of like , what lenght of a run ..etc




  1. They start out slow and work up to MAX with a minimum time.

    1/4 mile first day or two then up from there.


  2. BT or Boot?

    Basic Training usually refers to the Air Force. The other services call it Boot Camp or Boot.

    It all depends on the service. There will be alot of running, alot of formation running. Also alot of physical strenuous activites such as hikes. Be prepared to do push-ups and other excercises.

  3. If you're in good physical condition, it's like organized horseplay.  I was in pretty good shape back then and it was a cake-walk; I had a blast.  In fact, I actually back-slid somewhat as their training regimen started out well below my level of ability.  Several of us in the same situation banded together and did our own PT during personal time to say in shape while the rest of the crowd caught up.

    On the other hand, if you're out of shape you'll feel like dying.  We had several folks who were borderline on Fat Boy status and obviously had never run farther than between the sofa and the fridge.  They were in hurting status most of the way through but all eventually made it.

    You can do a h**l of a lot to get yourself in shape before you ship out to basic.  Work yourself up to 100 situps, 100 pushups, 30 pullups and at least 50 squat thrusts and work on a 3-mile run with a target of under 22 minutes.  Build up gradually to these levels over a period of 4 or 5 months and basic will be a breeze for you.  Those targets are well above the minimum passing performance levels so if you can do that on day one you'll be bored to tears in boot camp.

  4. There differences in armed forces basic training programs. With the advent of the all volunteer forces the "basics" have radically changed. Maybe with the exception of the Marine Corp.

    I went into what was called the "brown boot" (1967) Army, never could understand that, military issue were black boots. However, I quickly realize when a couple of DI's made effort to place those black boots as far up my r****m as they when they felt I was not learning what it took to keep myself and squad members alive. You weren't issued stress cards or had the privilege of calling time out as you are today. Training was both psychological and rigorous. DI's tore you down and then built you back up so you became a machine, a killing machine. What is the spirit of a bayonet fighter? To kill, to kill with cold blue steel. You felt it, you believed it. I broke the battalion record for the mile run, 5m27s 5m17s respectivly. I was stationed in Germany assigned to a border calvary unit, the double duce as a tanker, I drove it. The Russians invaded Checz and I voluteered for Vietnam. I was not going to get fried in an oven. I was an only child, they refused to let me go, but I was persistent.The basic training I received assisted me in surviving Vietnam. I killed rather be killed.

    There fourteen months, returned and volunteered for airborne training. More rigorous training. I wanted to be a airborne ranger, I wanted to live a life of danger. I was the oldest man in my jump school class at 23, but I got my wings. Still have have no idea why I wanted to jump out of a perfectly good aircraft. I joined the 82nd Airborne Division and jumped out of more aircraft.

    There were no more wars started then so I went to the NCO Academy, and became a became a Drill Sergeant. There I inserted my boots into a many trainees r****m. In effort to make them understand that most of them would end up in the "conflict" in Vietnam. I taught them what I had been taught and ehat I had learned. Some I hear still died and that hurt.

    All of this to say, listen and learn. Be very sure that this is what you want to do. The training will be to prepare you for "conflict". If you think you can do that, I wish you the best.

  5. Which branch?  

  6. They break you, then when your broken they fix you how they want you, and yeah lots of PT. lots  

  7. push ups , sit ups and lots of lots of flutter kicks

    the run depends on your speed group and your Drill Sgt, but think 3-7 miles

  8. My standard answer:

    They say that in the Army

    The Chow is mighty fine

    A biscuit rolled off the table

    And killed a friend of mine

    Some folks don't like my preview of Army Basic! Don't think it has changed too awful much since Dino Days, I even throw in a little butt extra charge

    It might go a little like this:

    Up before the sun.

    30 minutes max for the 3 S's ($h!t, shower, shave) sometimes the shower is the night before.


    A little PT


    Draw weapons if going to range


    Double time to training site




    More PT Drill Sargent We Eat This $h!t Up

    Double time back to barracks

    Stack weapons

    Post guards


    Clean weapons if drawn

    Have weapon inspected

    Turn in weapon


    1 hour of your time....maybe

    GI boots

    GI area

    Write mommy

    Lights out 2130-2200

    Coma time


    Keep the pie hole shut and listen.

    Think out your's the not appear that you were not paying attention!!!

    Do not point at food and ask WTF is that:

    If it is a green looking meat like substance that is "Mystery meat". Chow down it's very good for you!

    If it looks like lumpy burnt oatmeal it's SOS.

    If the SOS is poured over a hockey puck...that is a biscuit!

    If it is yellow and dry it is cake. Just stick it in a glass of milk, it will be fine.

    If it is brown and poured over rice it is chili.....maybe...could be gravy made from left over bacon grease.

    You think it will make you fat???

    NO PROBLEM! I will just PT you until your legs are wore off to the knee's and your arms to the elbow!!!


    WELL ARE WE???


    Close enough anyway!

    A premature welcome to "The Club"!

    SSG US Army 73-82

    If your going in the Navy you will learn how to put out a fire on a ship, do they still that? The Air Force is a laid back version of the Army from what I"ve read in here.

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