I went to Air Force MEPS, and listed my most wanted jobs, and got a DEP contract, now what?

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Well, I went to meps last week and got my DEP inactive contract. I did not walk out of there with a job because I was told they do not get the new list of available jobs until the beginning of september. My Liason told me my recruiter will call me and let me know which one of the 4 jobs I listed is the one I will get. He did tell me though, I WILL get one of the four I listed (Mostly 2E jobs). Is this normal? What should I expect? Also, I know I am not in the situation as some people who are open - general, this isnt that kind of situation. Thanks! And for reference I had an 88 on the ASVAB.




  1. 88 is not that high!

    Advise here; take six months off from entry, study the Pre Test ASVAB and retake it.  Try to score 110 or better; you will get to pick the job instead of having them say these are the jobs you are eligible to pick from.  

    Do you know which area you scored low in?   The three test that gets your overall score is the sum of Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension (VE) and Arithmetic Reasoning (AR).

    Retired E-8

  2. If you like your 4 jobs you listed then wait until you get the phone call.  As for everything else, yes it's normal...and you should expect a phone call.  If you don't like the jobs then re-consider.  As for your score, I think 88 is pretty good.  It's good enough to get into the AF and if you get the job you want then that's all that matters!

  3. To the idiot who said "88 is not high" Doesn't know anything. The highest you can make on the ASVAB is a 99 so you did GREAT!

    Yes it is normal...with the AF That is. They tend to do things like that alot.  The only branch where you are positive of your job and ship date(Going off for basic) is the Navy.

    A DEP Contract is nothing but a way for them to keep tabs on you, while reserving your spot in basic and your job. For future refferance,The Air Force calls their jobs AFSC(Air Force Specialty Code).

    With the Air Force you typically wont even know your job until the day you ship for basic, or after. All depends.

    Congradulations on your enlistment!

    88 IS a Fantastic Score!

    Good luck to you!

  4. R&S doesn't know what he is talking about. a 99 is the highest you can score on the ASVAB. Right now you are just sitting and waiting until you get the call that you have a job. You can add more jobs to your list if it is taking to long for you that way you may be able to leave sooner. Your ASVAB score won't effect when you leave only the jobs you qualify for. and and 88 is a pretty good score. If you put down and aptitude, don't go open general, I did it and found everything good I was told about it to be a lie. I didn't get a job that I chose and I didn't have a long list of jobs to choose from in BMT.

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