How can I become a CIA field operations operator ? ?

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You know like Jason Born !




  1. If you want to be a member of the CIA you need to place and application.  However they are not looking for inexperienced kids to come and work for them.  They are looking for highly trained, calm, intelligent, quick thinking professionals.  Meaning they are looking for someone that has had success in previous career fields that are looking to do good service for the country.

    As for the Jason Bourne thing.  I would lay that perception to rest as it is not realistic as to what the CIA actually does.  90+% of intelligence operations are done by offical cover operatives, the other part of intelligence work is done by Non-Official Cover Operatives.  And quite frankly you will rarely see a CIA (spy) get into armed or unarmed confrontations because it means they have failed to accomplish the mission of gathering intelligence.

    They put their *** on the line to learn something that will help protect this country.

    If you want to get into fire and fist fights you need to go join Blackwater.

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  4. go to college lol

  5. There's only one Jason Bourne .

    You can't be like him ..

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